Announcement: Signum Academy Clubs Update!

My dear readers,

I am so happy to announce that Signum Academy Clubs, Signum University’s program for Grades 3-12, is now live on Blackberry!

What does this mean?

It means that if you have been participating in Signum’s SPACE programming and other Signum ventures, you can now sign your families up for Signum Academy Clubs through the Blackberry system.

Our services are now simpler, streamlined, and in one space.

No more filling out forms, emailing back and forth, and you can see clearly which clubs are available and when.

To celebrate, Signum Academy is offering one month FREE if you vote for your favorite module before April 25th, 2023!

Signum Academy Clubs has a lot of wonderful modules available, including but not limited to…

Latin Translation Club

The Hobbit Book Club

The Lord of the Rings Book Club

Japanese Conversation Club

and so much more!

Visit the Signum Academy Clubs Blackberry page to sign up, and vote for your favorite module before April 25th to receive one month FREE!

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