Projects and Publications

Signum University

Corporate Liaison

Signum Path is an online learning platform for members of business, corporate, or other industries to learn the soft skills needed for career advancement. Learn more on their website and in their LinkedIn campaign.

Online Program Services Coordinator

Signum OPS provides opportunities for teacher mentorship, particularly in response to the rush of online learning due to COVID-19 and school closures. Signum OPS also provides consulting services to schools and businesses who wish to adapt their programs for longer term remote learning services.

Publications, Presentations, and Contributions

Harry Potter Academic Conference of 2019

Potter Pedagogy: a Study of Teaching Practices at Hogwarts.

Reading Writing Rowling

Podcast Episode 31: Books! and Cleverness! The Harry Potter Academic Conference at Chestnut Hill 2019.


Podcast Episode: New Teacher Network- First Year Conversations.

In Practice (2017): Center for the Professional Education of Teachers