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Fun, monthly modules for adults!

Current Candidates

Join Ms. Elise for a cozy, relaxed Book Club series, where participants come to our Club meetings with their reflections and discussion questions about the text. YOU get to guide the magic! In this module, our readings will specifically focus on Book I of The Lord of the Rings. Bring a cozy blanket, a cup of tea, and enjoy! You’ll be able to vote next month. Click here to learn more about the voting process on Blackberry!

Update: Closed for Enrollment

Now Enrolling

Join Ms. Elise for a cozy and relaxed Book Club as we read and discuss the magic of C.S. Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Enroll here

For Kids

Signum Academy Book Club

Signum Academy Book Club is for kids and teens who love to read. Each week, students will meet online with their book club group to talk about stories they enjoy. Each child will have a chance to share their thoughts about the story, their favorite characters, and more. Currently enrolling for grades 5-8. Click here for more information!

Literacy tutoring (ages 6-8)

In this class, students will receive individualized literacy instruction to meet the students’ various needs. Prior to the course, parents will be contacted for a needs assessment to determine the focus of the class, as well as the learner’s interests.

This class can and will cover literacy subjects such as:
-Story Comprehension
-Fluency and Automaticity
-Fiction vs. Nonfiction Comprehension and Text Features
-Sight Words
-Word Families and Rhyming Concepts
-Beginning Grammar concepts, such as punctuation, parts of speech, and sentence structure.

Contact me for availability! Click here for a potential schedule.

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